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Dolce&Gabbana e Fiasconaro Panettone Vecchio Samperi di Sicilia 1Kg


Fiasconaro e D&G


Traditional panettone with Sicilian old samperi perpetual wine.

The recipe amalgamates the Christmas symbol of the northern pastry tradition with the ingredients and flavors of the South. Fine Sicilian flours are the raw material of the typical Milanese creation.

The fragrance and the soft lightness of the dough are further enhanced by soft candied orange and cedar: citrus fruits.

They cannot fail to evoke the intensity of the island's unmistakable scents.

To make this sensory experience even more memorable, the Fiasconaro Pastry Shop has decided to enhance the notes of candied orange and raisins with Vecchio Samperi, one of the symbols of the Marsala winemaking tradition.

A perpetual wine, whose name perfectly explains its main characteristic, namely the perpetuation of the wine inside the same barrel with which it ages.

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